26 February 2008

"I am the Ambassador of Awkward."

I went to my friend Sara's wedding reception this weekend. I am actually friends with her whole family, so I gave her dad a hug, and he joked with me about my chopsticks (in the hair) poking him the eye. I was actually concerned that they had, and I said, "I wouldn't be surprised...because I am the master of awkward things like that." Except he didn't hear me and thought I said "ambassador of awkward," and he thought it was funny. I thought I may as well have said that, because it was better than what I did say. So I didn't correct him.
Actually, sometimes awkward situations make me laugh, a lot. For example, today I got out my computer at the library and opened it only to realize, to my horror, that music was playing and there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn't adjust the volume or anything because I wasn't actually logged in. So The Cranberries "No Need to Argue" was blasting across the 4th floor of the library, to my dismay. And then it was just hilarious.
In class today, a girl's cell phone went off and she kind of freaked out because, I suppose, she didn't realize that it wasn't on silent, or whatever. So it really sounded like she said "shit" in response to that, and I thought that was hilarious and awkward too. You just don't expect people to announce that in a classroom at BYU. Harhar. But I am not going to lie, one time a patron at the library actually did swear. No mistaking that.

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