10 October 2013

organ art

The other day we went to an organ recital at the Cathedral of the Madeline, which is becoming a tradition or something.

It's pretty cool but not very baby-friendly so we left S. at home unattended. Joke. He actually hung out with his grandmother, who was home and not working for once!

Sometimes I kind of feel bad that we don't pursue the whole babysitting thing more often because I think it's good for all of us in some ways. Call it laziness, or call it not having a bunch of options that are both close and available, or call it helicopter parenting, you could be right. I think S. likes hanging out with other people though. He gets more attention usually and they think of ways to please him that I don't consider when we're hanging out 24/7 and I'm trying to do any number of any other things.

The organ festival is cool, but I have to be honest with you here: I've concluded that I don't understand art. Does that make me less human? Uncultured and unintelligent? I don't know if I fully appreciate the value of standing around museums or listening to an impressive organ player play something impressive on the organ. Maybe there are other things that resonate with me, but I am not sure if  the organ festival is my thing. I'm impressed with it objectively after once taking an organ class and attempting to coordinate my own hands and feet to play something musical, which I never really mastered. But I guess I kind of find it a little boring? I also find it a little enjoyable, at the same time, so it's okay that I've been attending for three years now. But I feel ashamed to admit it! Am I the most uncouth?

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