11 October 2013


Earlier this week, I took off the door handle to our apartment's bathroom door in an effort to make it fit and close better. The handle had been preventing the door from closing all the way, which is kind of awkward if you ever have someone over that needs to use your bathroom. Then somehow, I got stuck inside. Tim and S. were on the outside, and he ended up having to break the door itself in order to free me from my tiny prison. It wasn't so bad being stuck in there, though. I brushed my teeth, did my hair, even plucked my eyebrows a little. I might have showered, too, except there were no towels on my side of the door.

Now the problem I was trying to fix is worse than before, and the lesson I've learned is that trying to fix small things always creates bigger problems and so you should probably just resign yourself to living with lots of small issues and pretend they don't exist as much as possible. Good lesson, right?


Britney said...

Bahahaha...somehow I feel responsible.

Britney said...
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RETA said...

Things like this often happen to us. Sometimes it's better to leave it alone! ha!

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