16 October 2012


At the risk of being prosecuted as a pirate, I'm going to admit that we have been watching Downton Abbey series (season) 3, which is not yet available State-side via PBS. I was going to wait until January like the rest of America, but then somehow things got desperate and the Internet does have its ways of delivering all our favorite British sitcoms.

We just watched episode 5, which is the latest episode aired, and let me just warn you now: if you haven't seen it yet, do not search Google about it because something big happens and the big thing will be spoiled by the stupid bloggers if you go there. Run-on sentence, deep breath.

I'm not generally a TV watcher. We don't own a TV and are growing increasingly apathetic toward the shows we formerly enjoyed. Watching TV and movies is kind of hard with our baby, too. But Downton Abbey is an exception. Ignore the baby's demands for attention, I have eyes only for the computer screen! We watched almost the entire second season in one go, and half of the third in another. It felt disgustingly good. Disgusting because it was excessive and we were putting off necessary things, but good because that show is just quality TV. I don't mean to pepper my response to watching this show with Britishisms; I think it is just happening by itself a bit. Cheerio, moving on.

The point is: we are/I am a little obsessed after watching that last show. It doesn't help that something big happens and then the episode ends without much resolution or aftermath. I wish you all had watched it so we could discuss and commiserate. I guess that's what I get for being a pirate. I feel like a soap opera addict or something. I had dreams about it after watching that episode. Weird, right? Who dreams about people from TV who are not actually real? Me, apparently. Then I couldn't stop thinking about it next day. I haven't thought about it as much since then, but it springs to mind on occasion.

I think some intervention is needed here. Or maybe I just need to watch the next episode. First world problems, right?


Britney said...

Oh man, I'm really mad at you because I want to watch it now too!

Kirsten O said...

It's really dangerous to have access to multiple or all episodes of a good tv show at once. The disgusting but good feeling is SO hard to resist. This is why I love and curse Netflix. First we binged on Lost, then we binged on Prison Break, and on my own I have binged on Downtown Abbey and Parenthood...oh and we (but mostly Sead) binged on Cake Boss and we purchased an excess of pastries in that period. This is actually like a serious problem in my life. :)

Cristina C said...


Interesting blog. Welcome to http://filmandotherstories.blogspot.se/.

:) Take care!

Heather Burdsal said...

Now I am even more excited to watch the next season when it airs in the US. Because I am not a pirate. You pirate!

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