28 September 2012

life without internet

My life is so internet-dependent these days.

And I'm making a choice right now to not capitalize the word internet, I hope that is okay with you, Chicago. Sometimes I talk to Chicago in my head, and what is Chicago, anyway? Chicago is the god of words and how they should be used, or the god of editing. The orange-turned-blue bible.

That was a tangent.

We moved over the weekend. It all happened rather fast and I have some residual stress about it all that I can't shake exactly even though it's really quieter here. One of the more hectic aspects of the move was the forced vacation time that I don't have available but have taken anyway because we thought there was already internet (I almost capitalized it that time! Argh!) but really there wasn't.

In days bygone this would've meant I'd go somewhere else to work, but where can I take a baby these days and hang out and have a bed to lie down with him so he can nap? Answer: Nowhere. No working for me. P.S. New development: I have laid him (lain him? Can't remember. Chicago?) down on the bed and he has stayed asleep like three times recently! This happened.

I kept thinking in my internet-less time that I was going to do X, Y, Z when I got the internet. Like "When I get the internet, Imma do this," you know? But instead here I am being distracted and feeling like I'd like to take a nap. This is the way the internet works, folks. Why does my life have to depend on it?

The internet is awesome in some ways though. The other day I went to John's Marketplace which is this random grocery store we live close to now. I went there because I sometimes love grocery stores and also because Tim was going to die or kill or something bad if I couldn't get him ice cream. I decided while I was there that I'm not going to go back unless I'm somehow aware of a good sale occurring therein, but the point is that while I was there I heard this song that I think I've heard before and I wanted to know what it was called and who wrote it and such. If I'd had internet in that moment, that burning desire to know might have been satisfied. But alas, I can't remember the lyrics well enough to ask Google now. Something like "I wrote you this letter just to tell you I'm alright." I don't know, probably some dumb breakup song. Who cares about songs like that these days? I'm married now and I'm not gonna break up with nobody. (Sorry, Chicago.)


Margaret said...

You moved?? Sorry we didn't help! I hope you're enjoying the new place. I was going to suggest the library if you ever have wi-fi trouble, but I'm not sure how Shep will sleep in the book aisles.

Heather Burdsal said...

Ah ha! The move is complete! I can't wait for blog posts about your adventures in undertaking.

P.S. I'm so glad I got to finally meet Shep. Kiss his adorable cheeks for me.

Holly Kelly said...

We've been without power a few times since we got here (love China!), and the first time it happened I literally thought, "Ok, I have enough battery on my Kindle and iPad to let me read for about two days; if it's longer than that, I'm sunk and bored." And then I remembered the three bookshelves I have upstairs full of books. *Shame*

Joanna Galbraith said...

You know all this post did is make me want to find season 3 online somehow!!

Also, I enjoyed hearing about your new place on your other blog. It sounds like quite an adventure!! I'm glad you are liking it so far. It is quite the undertaking haha I crack myself up.

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