23 April 2012

getting there

My body is returning to its pre-pregnancy in most respects slowly but surely. My attitude toward food resembles how it was, which is a relief. I no longer find sweets very interesting. Drinking milk (I feel like I need to say cow's milk here because there's a different kind of milk that I'm dealing heavily with these days) is less desirable. Potatoes are just decent and not the stuff of my dreams. Tortilla chips with melted cheese (a.k.a. nachos) are no longer my daily companion. I'm getting reacquainted with hunger pains, which mainly took the form of nausea in my pregnant body, and I'm getting back into drinking water because I like it and not because I am forcing myself to hydrate.

It's hard to believe it's been nearly two weeks since I birthed a human child. Life is totally different right now and I feel like I have a long way to go until I can get back to doing things like cleaning, cooking, running errands, working, etc. I keep thinking of people who do this whole having a baby thing with a young'un already in tow and wonder how that's logistically possible. I'm pretty immobilized. The baby sleeps a lot and I try to sleep sometimes when he's sleeping too. When he is awake, he spends a lot of time nursing. He proves the adage that babies tend to do not much more than sleep, eat, and poop or pee. As his mother (I'm a parent?!), I'm doing much of the same for now.

Tim wrote about his birth story, which is posted on the married blog with some pictures: http://timandarowan.blogspot.com/

I could say a lot more about his birth, but maybe the blog isn't the best venue. It's all been pretty unreal and I'm coming to terms. It's amazing, though. I like to remember the moment when he first came out and the first few hours afterward, especially in the midst of some mild baby blues. I fell in love pretty hard right then.

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Rachel said...

He is honestly so adorable! Not all newborns are cute (a sad truth), but Sam/Shep really is just so dang precious. I love those big eyes. And reading about your life with a new baby really brings back memories . . . I completely remember feeling like nursing and sleep ruled my life, and that a trip to the grocery store with the new baby felt so terrifying, etc. It gets easier, it really really really really does, I promise. Those first few weeks are TOUGH! The thought of doing it again with a toddler is super scary to me. And if you ever want to talk/vent or hang out for a playdate, I'm up for it! I dealt with some baby blues/PPD issues myself and I know it's not a walk in the park. But I tried the not-very-smart method of pretending I had everything under control, which really doesn't help matters. I know you said mild, so hopefully I'm not reading too much into it, but seriously. If you want me to come babysit for a while so you can take a nap or run errands or whatever, or just want to chat and get some baby-blueness off your chest, I hope you know you can call me :-)

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