09 April 2012


40 weeks and counting . . . funny, I don't feel huge. Well, not huger, anyway. I feel like my belly hasn't changed for weeks. But then I see pictures like this one or step on the scale (it's official, I have now surpassed 50 pounds), and I realize I'm being deceived.

Due dates are mostly meaningless, but I feel mine (today!) deserves a commemorative blog post. And maybe the kid will decide to show himself sometime this week! Here's to you, kid. We promise to give you a real name someday.


Rachel said...

Woohoo! Happy due date to you! I remember watching mine fly by, too, without a single sign of the baby wanting to come out anytime soon. And I felt the same way, too . . . I didn't really feel all that big until I'd walk by a mirror or see a picture of myself and have to do a double-take--is that me?! Don't worry, he'll come out sooner or later, you look great, and I'm glad you FEEL great, too! Good luck. Can't wait to meet little Bowan.

Heidz said...

Like Rachel said... Happy due date!! May your little angel bring you lots of joy and happiness!!

Britney said...

Come on Baby! You can do it! You too momma ;)

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