12 February 2012

more Rancho love

1 bunch cilantro $0.17
3 red bell peppers $1.01
3 yellow bell peppers $0.97
2 limes $0.30
1 cucumber $0.33
9.48 lbs navel oranges $1.17
3.48 lbs fuji apples $1.72
total bill $5.84

I am a big fan of produce prices at Rancho Markets.


Brit said...

That is very happy...is there one close to me?

M.C. Sommers said...

Is it weird that this post makes me very, very jealous? I'm sure we have one of those markets in Provo. I'm so going now. I'll tell them that you sent me. :)

Holly said...

You need to come to China. We bought an Ikea-bag-full of produce the other day for $30. The only downside is the pesticide. And possibly the airfare.

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