25 November 2011

20-ish weeks

Posting belly pics on the blog is one of those moments where the "When I'm pregnant, I don't think I'll do that" thought is thrown aside. I suppose there is a lot about pregnancy and motherhood that is like that.

To make my motivations clear, though, I'm posting this for the sake of documentation and comparison. So here I am in all my fat glory. Enjoy.

Also, I decided that starting next week (as I enter the second half of pregnancy), when people ask me how far along I am, I'm going to tell them 19 weeks instead of 21, since it is accurate in a sense (see my due-date post). I'm hoping in the process to convince myself as well as everyone else that I'm not so very advanced so no one gets too uppity. Which I don't imagine anyone would anyway, really, but you never know with these things.

Now on to tell BabyCenter I've regressed two weeks in gestation. This will help convince me, you see, because who can forget how far along they are with those blasted e-mails coming in once a week?

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Brit said...

I'm sorry but you do not look fat :) I'm excited for the day your belly does get big and fat, though hehe.

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