04 October 2011

Italian 101

Last night my parents took us out to dinner for my dad's birthday (sounds a little backwards to me too). The menu item I ordered looked something like this:

cacio e pepe fettuccine, brown butter, garlic,  Romano, tomatoes   

Due to my lack of Italian knowledge, I didn't anticipate that the pasta would be COVERED with freshly ground black pepper. I could not taste anything else.

For the second time in my life, when the waiter asked how everything was, I complained and sent the dish back. I was kind of proud and ashamed at the same time.


Jonathan said...

I hate ordering at Italian restaurants. I don't know what anything means. And I know I am not saying it right either.

Brit said...

I'm sorry your experience was not so great - I had the best Italian restaurant experience while in Colorado -- it was the best food I think I've ever had at a restaurant.

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