08 December 2010

incredible employees deserve Mickey D's

In our department at work, they asked for nominations for "incredible employees" as part of an initiative to make this place a great place to work. A nice coworker anonymously nominated me and I was selected.

(I think they really didn't have a whole lot of nominations. I know I sure didn't nominate anyone out of laziness/forgetfulness. So it probably wasn't much of a competition, but it was exciting anyway. I win!!!!!!!)

I was informed I would be getting a small reward shortly after the meeting in which these "incredible employees" were recognized. The e-mail was to make sure the addresses they had on file for us were correct.

Yesterday was a momentous day. The reward came in the mail. (I win!!!!!!) Tim called me up and told me about it. He read me the letter, and then he told me what the reward was.

"I've been waiting since Friday to know what this is!" I said.

"It's a $15 McDonald's gift card!" he replied.


P.S. The last time I ate at McDonald's was on October 13. I remember the day clearly. I was driving back from Boise, Idaho (by myself), and was famished. I stopped in Burley and ordered a McChicken and small fries. Even though the meal cost $2.13, it wasn't worth it. My stomach was having issues the remainder of my drive home. I just can't handle processed foods that well, and if you thought I was a snob about food, that might be part of the reason. Also, I'm kind of a snob about food.


Meredith said...

You're a snob about food?

Holly said...

I would suggest enjoying a couple of hot breakfasts courtesy of your gift card. Mickey D's isn't exactly the best when it comes to breakfast, but that more than anything on their menu is at least edible. Milk shakes, too, if I remember correctly. Feel free to treat me to one. ;)

Margaret said...

I'm so jealous! Jonathan and I nominated each other, so I think we canceled each other out.

I wish I were joking about all of this. I really do love McDonald's, and Jonathan and I really did nominate each other.

I am ashamed.

Congratulations! You could get 15 double cheeseburgers with that!

Brit said...

Margaret's comment made this whole post worthwhile.

Dylan Mimini said...

The only thing I eat at McDonald's is McFlurries and they are my favorite dessert ever, and actually not as bad for you as other ice cream is.I suggest you develop a taste for them.

Jonathan said...

You know the PlayPlace is totally worth the trip.

Carrie said...

Edible items on Mickey D's menu in my corner of the world include Fruit n' Yogurt Parfaits, Apple/Walnut Salads and, brand new, Oatmeal with Maple, Raisins and fresh chunks of apple. Yum!

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