02 December 2010

Dennis Peacock

I just think this is really funny because the quote is attributed. So every time someone says "life is good," if they're not saying "Dennis Peacock said that," then they're totally plagiarizing.

Am I right?


Tracie said...

Pure hilarity.

M.C. Sommers said...

When Meredith and I were talking today, we went down there to sit. I about died when I saw all of the decorations. So ridiculous :)

Margaret said...

What is M.C. talking about? The fireplace is so real you could almost burn yourself on the glowing lamp embers! There are just too many cynics in this world.

Amanda, we must always remember to cite our sources. In fact, I will even cite this comment (Margaret, 2010).

Holly said...


(I wish there was a "like" feature on Blogger. This post would definitely be hit by it. And, in fact, it has anyway.)

Jonathan said...

What does that quote or Chrsitmas have to do with fish?

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