22 June 2010

cravings much?

I usually don't (a) have strong cravings or (b) interrupt valuable sleep time to fill such cravings, but last night was an anomaly that way. I had an exceptionally strong desire to eat pistachio gelato, maybe combined with chocolate gelato.

Where to get good gelato in Provo? The only place that I even know of that sells gelato is Gloria's Little Italy. We tried there, but unfortunately it closes at 9, which is almost exactly when we were searching for it. I texted ChaCha, and ChaCha didn't really have anything for me. ChaCha suggested Spin Cafe in HEBER CITY. First of all, I don't want to drive 30 minutes for gelato, or I would go to Salt Lake where I know some places. Second of all, it was closed even before Gloria's was closed. Lame. I also texted Google, which suggested Maestro's, which is currently closed.

We went home, me feeling defeated. Then later, I made us leave again (wow) in search of ice cream of the pistachio and chocolate varieties. It was like 11 by that time, which is way past bedtime, and it was ridiculous, but also wonderful that we were doing this. We went to Smith's, which didn't really put out either, then drove all the way to WinCo and finally had success.

I'm enjoying some pistachio and chocolate ice cream now.


Jonathan said...

When I first started dating Rachel I heard her favorite ice cream was pistachio. I went to four grocery stores and Macys was the one to deliver.

M.C. Sommers said...

Are you pregnant?

Bakes. said...

1. i really like that you didn't give up the quest.

2. i also really like that you used "smith's" and "didn't put out" in the same sentence.

3. if you make pistachio pudding and then freeze it, it's pretty good. not gelato, but good.

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