12 April 2010


I am very excited about the kitchen herbs I'm growing right now. Someday I want to have a garden.

Also, starting next month, we'll be getting weekly installments of fresh produce from Jacob's Cove! I am quite anticipating the lovely produce. Weekly! Seriously, so excited.

While at WinCo (love) on Saturday, my brother and I saw some "organic" seeds. He thought that organic food was the way food was grown, not the seeds themselves. So while organic is referring to the method (and non-use of yucky stuff like pesticides, etc.) also, it also refers to the seeds that come from the organically grown produce. Go figure. (Obviously I'm displaying the fact that I know nothing about agriculture here. I have no idea if my herb seeds are organic.) I thought the reasons against organic seed here were interesting, though, if you're into that sort of thing.


Lauren K said...

fresh weekly produce sounds incredible.

M.C. said...

i wanted to join a csa, but i don't know if we would eat enough to make it worth it. You'll have to let me know how you like it. And I'm impressed with the plant growing. I keep wanting to plant some stuff in our backyard, but it won't stop snowing!

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