13 April 2010

about that, herb

I find myself wanting to explain my herbal situation further. That's not weird, is it?

My mom gave me an herb garden kit. One of the better gifts from my mom (no offense, Mom, if you even read this). Maybe it was a little something like this, if you want a picture in your head:
Basically, it's a box, with some seeds. (And a humidity dome. It's so technical I can hardly handle it.) You provide the dirt and water, and voila, herbs! I really love that.

Except I had a problem: I didn't have any dirt.

And you might think that this is a dumb question, but I was thinking, where was I gonna find DIRT? So Tim comes home one day (like the classic knight in shining armor figure) with a cute little plastic bag full of what else but dirt, sitting on the kitchen table. After expressing due gratitude (duh), I asked him where it came from. He told me he BOUGHT it. On campus! Apparently he waltzed into Campus Craft and Floral (the university flower/craft shop) and asked for dirt, and they said, "Sure, we sell it by the scoopful." And by the way, it cost him $1, which seems like a major rip-off for dirt, but hey, whatevs.

So I put the dirt in the little bucket thing, got it extra wet, poked some holes in it, dumped the seeds in there, and then I watered faithfully. And now some sprouts have started to appear, and something about this whole thing is inordinately exciting to me. The packet had four different types of seeds in there, and I know one was basil (I've always wanted a basil plant, really, my whole life, and yes, of course I'm being hyperbolic here), but I forget what the others were, which is too bad. I guess we'll have to find out.

The end.


Luke and Andrea said...

ha ha ha ha ha! That's wonderful! I'm so glad you are getting to grow your own herbs. And how convenient for campus to sell dirt. ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I read it, and it's okay, I'm glad you are such a unique individual

Katy said...

I want an herb garden! I seriously do, fresh basil=yum! Give an update on how it works out

sarah-lucy said...

Yay. I like this. Someday I want to grow my own herbs and veggies. Probably when I have kids so I can use them for slave labor.

Jonathan said...

My wife and I got these cute little herb pots and she is way excited about them. I just hope she won't be too sad if she kills them like she did with out banana pepper plant, which is in intensive care right now.

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