02 June 2009


I'm a little bit miffed here.

After going to talk to my professor and e-mailing her repeatedly, she finally said she would submit a grade change for me if I "took responsibility" and wrote a letter of explanation. I did so. After continuing to bug her, she finally submitted the grade change, which was finally processed.

She changed my grade from a D+ to a C- (even though she said it would bring my grade to a solid C, not teetering on the edge of D-dom), which I don't really find satisfactory. Nor does it make any sense.

Still the worst grade I've ever received. But I'm not dealing with this lady anymore.


Bryce said...

I had a similar experience lately with the Stats department. I feel your pain.

Hilary said...

Wow! What is her problem.

Tyler and Kristen said...

Yeah, CD mix club. Are you still living in Utah? we are moving back in August, maybe we will have to actually make it a club instead of a "kristen sucks at sending things in the mail" cop out.

Bakes. said...

sorry girl. she's a moron.

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