15 June 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel.

Dear readers,

The end of my undergraduate career is in sight. I have 2 hours left of class time and 2 finals to take. Then I'm done. 

What's weird is I'm kind of emotionally numb about this. Shouldn't I be jumping up and down for joy? I think about a week ago I had a sense of nostalgia, thinking that I wouldn't really be a "student" anymore. I've been here for four years now. I'm familiar with it. It is my life.

And on that note, it is my life. So without, I have virtually no life. Job? Thanks, but no. I have applied for several, but nobody seems to be hiring. On that note, I don't even really know what I want to do career-wise. It'd be nice to make more than minimum wage, though (which is my current salary at Orem Public Library--but other than that, it's a great job!) . . . 

I swear I'm worth something. I swear.


Bakes. said...

you do have a life! you do! it's just a new life now....

good luck girlfriend.

Home on the Grange said...

Dear cute Amanda,
Congratulations on graduating!! You are so lucky and I'd trade you in a heart beat! That being said, you are an intelligent, capable woman. I can't imagine how intimidating it is to enter the career field, but you are totally up to it! Even if you get a full-time job completely unrelated to your degree, you'll be in good shape. That way, you'll be sitting well while you consider future career paths.

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