21 August 2008

Oh, nails.

Today as I went to purchase the famous (my favorite) white chip macadamia nut cookie from Subway, I was surprised at how many people were on campus because of Education Week. I could tell the lady who sold me the cookies was stressed, because when I asked for chocolate chip (I had to buy three to get my money's worth!), she gave me oatmeal raisin.

On the way back from the CougarEat to the NOC, I noticed a young guy talking rather loudly to a young girl walking beside him. He was talking about how Seven Peaks is the place to meet geeky young men from Utah Valley. And then the girl dropped her Education Week tag. She stopped (the guy was still talking), and looked up at him, then down at the ground, smiled, and said, "My nails!" She laughed a little bit and seemed incapacitated.

Then, the guy picked it up and they resumed their travel.

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rachel b. said...

Haha! Oh, excellent. I don't even have anything to say. I just thought that was such a lovely little scene. Oh, and it reminds me of this one girl in my home ward who got her nails done for prom or something and then went to fill up her car with gas but couldn't open the little door thing or get the gas cap off with her new nails, so she had to ask the guy in the store for help. Why do we purposely incapacitate ourselves for beauty?

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