18 August 2008

С днём рождения мне.

Yesterday I tried reading an article in Лиахона, in Russian. It was very slow-going. And depressing. My reading, comprehension, speaking, and all skills related to Russian have definitely diminished in the four months (WHAT?! Four?) since I was in Russian class.

Also, it's my birthday today. And I decided that I don't really like birthdays. Because you get attention from a bunch of people you don't want attention from (namely, my plastic surgeon and Facebook itself), which is embarrassing, and then you don't get attention from the people that you really want to remember you. Now that, my friend, is disappointing.

And I don't remember ever having a real birthday cake with candles. Maybe I have had one, and I am just forgetting. But the thing is, I don't even like cake.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Amanda! I hope you have a great day and maybe you can have fudge with a candle instead of cake? :D

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