01 June 2008

Where's my head? And domestic rhinos.

Although I have no pictures to prove that this actually happened, I went to Marie Callendar's (it's a restaurant that sells pie and also other food, if you didn't know...for a long time, I myself thought it was just a restaurant devoted to pie) last night with Andrea (Wright, soon to be Perkins), Rachel (Hanson), and Shaela (Grange, formerly Wall). This blog post isn't to point out that our little high school cohort (minus Britney [Landrum] whom we missed, and who is currently in the Phillipines) has been infiltrated by males and marriage. (By the way, we love everyone. So it's all good.)

That's beside the point.

Tyler (Grange), Shaela's husband, was waiting with Shaela in the restaurant until we got there. They were sitting at a table intended for four people. I am going to insert my hand-drawn picture, so you get the idea.

The first drawing is how it looked when we first got there. The round things on the table are water glasses, because Shaela and Tyler had been there for some time before anyone else arrived.

See? Four chairs.

I arrived shortly after Rachel and Andrea. I brought a chair over to the table, so the new arrangement looked sort of like this (Except this time I include head shots of the others "sitting" on the "chairs."):

I wasn't thinking about it, but apparently I was thirsty. Naturally, I started drinking water from the nearest water glass. As you can see from the diagram, that glass just happened to belong to Tyler.

I had drunk probably four ounces, maybe more, when I noticed that there were only two glasses on the table. One of them was in front of Shaela. The other one...

Understanding dawned on me. Suddenly.

I expressed my deepest apologies (har) for my mishap to Tyler, who admitted that he had in fact noticed but had not said anything about it, perhaps thinking, "She needs it more than I do."

How altruistic.

All in all, it was a good night, though. Andrea told us about her grandfather's obsession with practical jokes involving exotic animals, and his short-stinted attempt at having a "domesticated" rhino on the ranch. (Where'd he get the rhino, you ask? I heard the zoo.)

And then she (Andrea) got a slightly embarrassing honeymoon kit, which contained items that I did not previously know existed. Happy honeymooning, friend.


Anonymous said...

I feel very famous for being in your blog! It's so cute that you have pictures of us and diagrams. Funny girl.

I also read your blog about riding a bike. Have you ridden it since? I've started riding mine to work, and after just a short time I've become addicted. I miss my bike when I don't ride it, even though it makes my bum sore.

Your blog about Howl's Moving Castle inspired me to watch it, so I'm going to on Thursday. I've been wanting to, since the book is by one of my very favorite authors, but I've never gotten around to it. Now, I will!

rachel b. said...

I love that you made a diagram--I almost expected some sort of quiz at the end with those questions you'd see on elementary school math homework, like, "If Jenna is the tallest girl and she is standing next to the shortest girl who is neither Kelly nor Sally, and Mary is 4 inches shorter than Jenna but 2 inches taller than Sally . . . " Remember those?

Cookie Dough Bandits said...

HAha! This diagram is awesome!! The picture of me looks distorted somehow.. not sure why. Maybe my computer is unhappy.
I hope that the items whose existence you were unaware of did not upset you.
All in all however, it was a glorious night!! I love being with you all again!
... We should have had a moment of silence ... or just laughter, dedicated entirely to our dear Britty :)

Anonymous said...

I was sitting close to that table since im Kinli Sha's sis and I didn't notice if you didn't type that I probly would have never noticed.

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