16 June 2008

2 of the more random things.

1. My roommate from Indiana (2 years ago) had a seminary teacher (in Indiana) by the name of Sister Rockwood. My good friend Kirsten's step-sister Ann's mission companion (in New York) was also called Sister Rockwood. The missionary Sister Rockwood was in fact the daughter of the seminary teacher Sister Rockwood. This discovery was made on the basis of a photo I saw of missionary Ann and her companion, Sister Rockwood, which was hanging on the refrigerator at Kirsten's home in Glendora, California.

2. When I was in Moscow, there was a couple there who also attended the International Branch--the Gordon-Smiths. When I went to their house (they were our home teachers), I saw some photos of a person that I recognized. Their son, George. The reason I knew him? I worked in the English Composition Office at BYU, and there I had association with all of the graduate instructors who taught the freshman composition courses. George was one of them.

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