09 May 2008

Ode to Irony

Today, I walked into my class a little early. Some people from the previous class were still filtering out, including the teacher and one of his students.

Teacher says to student, "How was the wedding?"

Student, oh so casually, replies, "Oh, it was a funeral." And student continues to walk out the door.

Meanwhile, teacher chuckles at the irony. I am laughing so hard in my head, and some of it slipped out a bit, I'm not going to lie. Teacher notices me laughing, chuckles again, and leaves.

Why wasn't anyone else in the room laughing?


JJ Michaels said...

That's funny. Just like the rest of the blog. I was bored so I was looking at random blogs and yours caught my eye. I'll keep reding it, seeing as I have nothing else to do but write mine.

Little Newman said...

This is because they don't think of things like that as funny.
But I do.
I like your blog.

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