12 May 2008

I heart technology.

My new job may be good for something. I learned how to "take a picture" of the computer screen.

Today, I snapped the sponsored links in Gmail. I thought this one was stellar.

Something about out-of-control emotions and also very fit old people, who go hiking.

PERFECT. How does Gmail know?


rachel b. said...

Huh, weird. And about the third ad . . . I didn't know one could BE an empath. I didn't even realize that was a word without a "y" on the end.

Lauren K said...

I was looking at the empath thing too! It sounds like a disease, or a disability, "what are thinking expecting her not to cry, she's an empath don't you know? Could you be any more insensitive?"
I also really enjoy that it offers "stunning" tips, does that mean they will shock you or that it's in a BEAUTIFUL font?

Tim said...

I wonder how they pick those adds. Especially since there are two "emo" adds. Could they be trying to say something about? What if Google reads you emails (most likely with sophisticated algorithms using information technology) in an effort to determine which adds might appeal to you.

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