18 November 2015

cross-country move cost, by the numbers

So how much does it really cost to move your person and stuff 2000 miles? Here's what it cost us:

Gas for moving truck:

Cost of moving truck, with car trailer towing:

Gas for second car being driven:

airfare for two people and a baby from SLC to RDU:

storage unit for 1.5 months:

* Just a note--I did a six-day layover in Austin, TX, in order to attend my brother's wedding, so this flight might have cost something slightly different if I hadn't done that, but I purposely consolidated these trips in an effort to save money overall on travel costs.

Grand total: $2588.02 

Yowzers. Cross-country moves aren't cheap. This doesn't even include some of the indirect costs, like double rent and many meals eaten out because we didn't have a kitchen. If we had more time to plan this move, we might have made some decisions differently and possibly could have saved more money in the process. But for those who have done comparable moves, how do we stack up?


Lauren Mc said...

Fresno to IL cost us right around there too. It is a complicated endeavor when trying to do it on the cheap! Kudos for making it!

Tyler and Kristen said...

You beat us, we did upack and drove our car and we were in the $3000s I think!

Margaret said...

Ours was much, much more, and we were in state. That's why Tony negotiated a moving package. I'll never move again unless we have someone else do it! It's a completely different (and luxurious!) experience.

YT said...

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