14 September 2015

by the numbers

  • 32 days since Tim got a call in response to an application he submitted, interviewed, and received a job offer
  • 32 days since Tim tentatively accepted the job
  • 31 days since we gave 30-day notice at our SLC apartment
  • 28 days since Tim loaded up our Honda Civic and started his 30-hour drive
  • 26 days since my 28th birthday
  • 24 days since Tim found a new apartment
  • 20 days since the first day of school
  • 16 days since Tim's 31st birthday
  • 12 days since I cleared out of the apartment
  • 11 days since I got on a plane from SLC to Austin, Texas
  • 9 days since we reunited with Tim in Austin (after 19 days apart)
  • 5 days since we arrived together in North Carolina

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