03 April 2013

wardrobe musings

Spring is in the air, I guess, so I decided to go through my closet and I've now got an itch to refresh my wardrobe because I kind of hate everything in my closet. Recently, new wardrobe acquisitions have come from Savers and DI, but I find when I do that, I strike out maybe just as often as I succeed. In my discard pile are a few thrift-store finds purchased in the past six months or so. I think I want to buy clothes sometimes, like right now, but I also really hate the process. Shopping ends up being pretty unrewarding because I'm terrible at it. Plus I don't feel like I have the time and money and energy to do it.

I actually have one pair of pants that I got at Costco recently that ended up fitting surprisingly well, and I love them. I think it actually does improve my quality of life a little bit to have clothes that I feel fit well and look good. I'm not sure if the cost-benefit analysis proves promising, though.

About half of my tops, or maybe more, are currently out of commission: either they don't facilitate nursing or they're fancier and uncomfortable, and I'm lazy. I don't really wear anything unless I can pull down the neck to nurse. The hidden cost of pregnancy and nursing is clothes; I find myself wearing three stretchy Down East v-necks most of the time, and they are showing considerable wear. Where does one go to find reasonably fitted, low-cost, stretchy-neckline, resilient tops anyway?

Whatever, though. If I don't analyze it too much, I realize I'm fine wearing the same clothes multiple days in a row, and that's what I end up doing. As long as it's not (noticeably) stained or smelly, who cares.

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Lauren Mc said...

I hear good things about the Target Mossimo v-necks ... but have yet to actually try them. I wish I still lived in your general area because I am in need of the same kind of shopping trip.

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