01 March 2012

getting out

Lately whenever I drive anywhere, I always think of a million places to go while I'm out because, let's face it, I don't get out and drive anywhere all that often and it seems efficient to consolidate tasks. When I leave the house, I usually do the first thing I left to do, and then I come home as soon as possible. Sometimes I don't even make it that far.

I'm sorry, WinCo, I miss you too.

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Laurenkri said...

Have I told you that I think you are great? (not just because of the comments you leave on my blog). If I go too long without leaving the house (in a car that is) I find myself strangely fearful of driving anywhere and try to nonchalantly convince my husband to take us places. Secretly it makes me fearful I will turn agoraphobic one day.

When I do get out on my own though I like consolidation too.

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