13 January 2012

the day I got two haircuts

I struggle with my hair sometimes. I would like for my hair to look nice, but I don't like to spend money. But in order for my hair to look nice, I need to get it cut sometimes. Also, I'm pretty sure it looks better when I have some highlights in it. I do that on occasion, as well. Generally about twice a year, perhaps.

Because I'm cheap, I generally go to places like hair schools and Great Clips for my hair needs. Anyone who knows and cares about their hair will probably tell you this is quite often a bad idea. Maybe if I knew a really great stylist already, I'd be more resistant to the voices of low prices that call out to me, but I generally succumb to their siren calls. About a week ago, I went to this place called Sexy Hair that was advertising $7.50 cuts. I went there with dirty hair because I was expecting a shampoo and style. Despite my suspicions, I didn't realize at first how bad the cut really was since spray-bottle cuts tend to result in ugliness no matter what (for me).

I got home and felt too tired to worry about my hair, so I took a nap.  Then it was time to really evaluate the damage. After showering and styling my locks, I was nearly in tears and felt desperate measures were needed. I had asked for a trim and received a butcher job like some worthless piece of meat. So to Great Clips I dashed, and now my hair situation is somewhat manageable, though not ideal.

In my heart, I wish that hair wouldn't grow or that we were all born completely bald, but I guess I've learned a lesson: when you're cheap, sometimes you get what you pay for. Whether this will stop me from frequenting second-hand stores and Great Clips-esque hair-cutting institutions is another matter.


Laurenkri said...

I am right there with you, and I in fact will not even spring for highlights. I get so envious of guys and their cheap cuts. Not fair.

Meg said...

I have often thought, from the time I was a small child, that life would be better if everyone where bald. Really, what good does this stuff do us anyway?

Brit said...

Or, you could just be like me and spend way more than you should on getting your hair cut and still come out of it often fairly unsatisfied - bah! I suppose at least you saved money the way you did it. Though, I have had very good haircuts and I feel the damage that just WILL be done by getting a cut that requires any style is a little better if you spend the money, so I spend it.

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