09 November 2010

cheese juice

You know when you have string cheese and you take it out of the fridge and the texture gets kind of weird and it's not quite as stringy? And it starts getting slimy on the outside?

This happens to you, right?

I know it happens to me, so when I brought string cheese to work today, I told myself to refrigerate it. But it never happened.

And then I foolishly tried to eat said string cheese in the car on my way back to work from lunch, and you know what happened? Cheese juice leaked all over my pants.

I wasn't quite sure what to do about it but I ruled out visiting the bathroom in an attempt to wash it off because I figured I can avoid other people for the remaining two hours I have left at work, and I would rather avoid looking like I have just wet my pants.

I am pretty sure this was the right decision.


Joanna Galbraith said...

that is DISGUSTING. I have had all of those things happen except the part about cheese juice. NEVER have I had it turn to juice. Your decision, though the wisdom of it is debatable, is the one I would have chosen as well.

Holly said...

Definitely the right decision. And yes, that's happened to me. The cheese juice, not spilling it on my pants.

I think I've told you this before, but you make my life. I don't know how I lived before meeting you and reading your blog. Honestly, I don't.

M.C. Sommers said...

I'm glad I could be part of the decision-making process and that you were willing to get up from where you were hiding at your desk to help me with my formatting issues. I'm also glad we then had an in-depth conversation about too many topics to recall. p.s. the blog you sent me was way to appropriate.

Heather Burdsal said...

Well well, aren't you the sneaky one. I thought that "This One's Still Kicking" was your only blog that was, well, still kicking. In fact, the name of that blog precludes you from having any other blog.

So when Holly informed me this morning about all the pearls of hilarious wisdom I was missing out on, I was outraged. Outraged, I say! My life has been empty, and you could have filled that void. Shame on you.

Now that I have you on my Google reader, you may proceed writing hilarious things.

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