19 October 2010

in no particular order

My coworker Margaret and I traded computers at work today for a little while. When I received my computer back, my desktop background was set to a slideshow of these lovelies:

(The file name for the above artistic masterpiece was "future.jpg.")

(Sorry for you single guys out there. Margaret is already hitched.)


Margaret said...

I'm pretty positive that the hotness exuding out of every pore in my body is, um, nonexistent.

Today has been a fun day of jokes. (Fun for me, at least.) :)

Holly said...

It's decided: Margaret is the coolest ever. After you, of course, A-Row.

My favorites, I have to say, are the ones of her with her hair as a mustache. Classic.

Rachel B. said...

Hey! I know her! We were in the same Shakespeare class :-)

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