16 April 2009

Student Ratings

I'm sorry, but it felt so good to write and submit this student rating. Too bad there are a couple of mistakes in it. . . I was feeling harried when I wrote it, I guess. I have really disliked this class this semester:

Ten percent of the grade is based on class attendance, yet the roll was kept on a legal pad and seemed to be passed around inconsistently. She didn't seem to care or notice when people were there, even though the class was small. She definitely had favorite students, and made it clear by the way she responded to student comments in class. She did not use any methods of involving the entire class in discussions, yet based the entire judgment of the student on whether they were vocal in class and whether they said things that she deemed intelligent. When she asked questions, she did not wait for students to answer them, but simply spoon-fed the answer and continued her lecture. There was no measurements for progress: no assignments given, no feedback. The only feedback given was during in-class presentations, when she openly criticized students during their presentations, embarrassing everyone. It would be much more effective if she gave a written response and grade on the presentations, if she provided criteria. There were very limited criteria on the final paper project as well and she did not indicate when feedback would be given even though the grade is basically determined by this paper. She did not give quizzes on assigned readings. Assignments for discussion classes were not graded or turned in. There was no measures in the course to evaluate progress. She was very disorganized and did not seem to care about whether certain students did well or not. The readings that were assigned were extremely outdated and not representative of the available literature in language and gender studies. She openly criticized She is a smart woman, but a poor professor. If she takes more accountability for the class, maybe the students will take more accountability too.


Rachel said...

That's awesome! I love it. She sounds ridiculous.

Tim said...

Perhaps a more even-handed approach with a touch of evidence (which I would have taken) would have made the individual points more persuasive but I think this cathartic error-ridden explosion is much more effective. You are basically saying "I had a miserable experience in this class because of the teacher and I'm really mad about it" and leaving it up to the administrators to ask why and investigator themselves.

I hope she burns in a fiery car accident tonight!

one fish said...

Tim, restrain yourself.

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