13 March 2009


Riding in elevators is like riding in buses. Strange things happen. People seem to suddenly feel comfortable talking to strangers. It's like the laws of social interaction are momentarily suspended in public transportation settings (elevator = public transportation).

The last two times I've had food on the elevator (today, I munched on sunflower kernels; the other time, an apple), some other elevator passenger has commented. Which makes me wonder: is there something wrong with elevator-eating? Maybe this is an example of how, for me, laws of social interaction are perpetually suspended.

Today, it was a professor, I assume, who commented. He asked, "Eating lunch?" And I said, "I know. I'm poor. I can only afford to pay sixty cents for a meal."

He replied sympathetically. "You poor thing."

"No, not really." (As in, it's not really my lunch.) "But I'm just eating this to get by until my next meal . . . I don't know where it's coming from . . ."

"That's why you're so skinny," he says. "I should start doing that." Yes. Everybody should start being poor. And then we'd all be rich. (I've solved the economic crisis!)


Savanna Landrum said...

wow what a find! I love your blog amanda its hilarious! oh and good job with solving the crisis.

one fish said...

It would solve a lot of economic perplexities. People would be skinnier and less people would have diabetes and people would be healthier and better physical health means better mental and emotional health.

I never thought of all the pro's to not eating!

Bakes. said...

HAHAHAHA ummm i can't comment on everything i love about this, because then i would be there all day, but i can say that my FAVORITE part is that elevators are public transportation. AMAZING!

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