15 December 2008

Merry Christmas, Lights Out

Yesterday was the Christmas program in our ward, featuring the ward choir. I used to be comfortable in my position as the pianist for sacrament meeting, but then Meredith asked me if I would be choir director.

I told her I was probably not especially qualified for the position. Honestly, I don't think I sing. At all. But I also said that I'd be willing to do it if needed. I guess that's all it takes.

So after a couple months of some scrambling, we threw something together. And I was nervous, but it was going well, I thought, until someone came in late and apparently bumped the light switches. Then my little flock was immersed in darkness.

They faithfully continued singing, and Jean, dear girl, even plodded on with the piano beautifully for a couple of measures.

There was scattered laughter in the congregation and I could feel the impending disaster coming: would we keep singing or simply stop? It was that moment after you realize something happens but you don't really realize what is supposed to be done about it quite yet, and you are sort of waiting for someone to fix it, etc. You know that moment?

Gratefully, we were shortly restored to light. It was a nice little addition to the program.


Anonymous said...

Ward choir, eh? Yeah, that's a tough one.

dre said...

inspiring. that's the sort of thing that keeps me going to church.

Katy said...

hahahahahahaha! oh my goodness you pretty much have the best life ever!

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