08 January 2008

Car accidents are fun.

Yesterday, I totaled my car.

Kirsten and I drove to Orem (the neighboring city to the north of Provo) to pay our rent. On the way there, a guy in a pick up truck pulled out in front of my car. He was turning left. He didn't see me and I didn't have time to stop or to swerve to avoid hitting him, so my car crashed into his car. I drew pictures on Paint. I don't claim to be an artist.

Stage 1.

Stage 2.
Stage 3.

Luckily, Kirsten had her camera with her.

1. Not driveable, methinks. 2. The other car involved. 3. The marks where we skidded into the parking lot. Hoorah. 4. "Hi, I'm holding a part of my car that came off in the parking lot and making a really weird face!"

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d & e wilson said...

Hey, at least it is definitely his fault. Because you hit the very front it shows that you were clearly the first one in the "intersection". When I got in a car accident once the lady disputed that it was her fault and the cops said it was her fault because of where she hit my car--it was clear that I had already made enough progress through the intersection and she should have yielded to me. Stupid drivers. I'm glad you guys weren't hurt!!

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