03 April 2007

Random thoughts on April 3 at my bedtime.

First, one of my favorite sounds in the universe is that of an orchestra tuning before it begins to play. I'm glad that this is included in the film Finding Neverland.

I made cookies today with my host family. They don't really have cookies in Russia. Babushka came and partook, as well (Lilya's mother). They said "Ochen vkysno," which pleased me. I told them that in America, we often drink milk with our cookies. My host mother tried it and liked it. I tried it too, but the cookies and milk combination in Russia is nothing like in America. The milk is simply...different here. I was expecting to enjoy the classic chocolate chip cookies and milk pleasure that I had always taken for granted.

As I was walking home from class today, I saw a man urinating near the sidewalk. This was shortly after I noticed two drunks, chatting as they were sitting on the fence. I mused to myself about what kind of value in conversation a drunk would have to offer. It seems to me like there would be a lot of potential for misunderstanding. Not only because of slurred speech, but brainless speech. I noticed the sound of the man urinating before I saw him. I had to look twice to make sure that I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing. He was rather old, with white hair. I had to laugh to myself. What else is there to do?

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